Hospital In The Home

Hospital in the Home (HITH) provides care in a patient’s home (permanent or temporary residence) for medical conditions that are stable or predictable. Nursing and allied health staff make home visits and provide care in alongside the HITH medical team, or the team who was treating your child while they were in hospital.

There are a number of conditions that can be treated through the HITH service including:

  • intravenous medications
  • nasogastric tube management
  • subcutaneous medication
  • eczema therapy and wet wraps
  • physiotherapy
  • oximetry
  • acute infections requiring short term intravenous antibiotics
  • complex infections requiring long term intravenous antibiotics
  • neonatal jaundice.

Children may be transferred to the HITH service directly from the emergency department, outpatient department, or from an inpatient ward.

Children must live, or have temporary residence, within a 40km drive of the Queensland Children’s Hospital to access the Hospital in the Home service.

Who can access this service?

New patients

Referrals are accepted up to a child’s 16th birthday.

Existing patients with complex care needs

Referrals are accepted up to a child’s 18th birthday (patients are usually transitioned to adult services by this time).

Catchment area

Children must live within 30-40 minutes travel / 40kms of Brisbane’s city centre to receive this service.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a formal referral to access this service.

How do I get a referral?

Speak with your child’s treating medical team about whether you might be a suitable candidate for the Hospital in the Home service.

Information for health professionals

Referral instructions

Referrals to Hospital in the Home are via the online referral form on QHEPS (Queensland Health staff only). For assistance refer to the flow chart (Queensland Health staff only).

All referrals must be emailed to for acceptance into the program.

Useful links

Young Person’s Medication Change Plan (twice a day medication)
Young Person’s Medication Change Plan (three times a day medication)
Young Person’s Plan for Seizure Escalation
Young Person’s Seizure Emergency (and Midazolam) instruction

Contact details

t: 07 3068 2227

Operating hours

Monday to Sunday, 7.30am-4.30pm.

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