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The award-winning, state-wide Good Start Program works on improving the health and wellbeing of Maori and Pacific Islander children and their families.

The program aims to lower the levels of chronic disease and obesity by working with families to build their knowledge, skills and confidence about healthy eating, physical activity and lifestyle practices.

The Good Start team works with Maori and Pacific Islander families to talk about healthy pregnancies, healthy babies and healthy children. It also works with children in schools to teach them about eating healthy food and being active. In addition, the program provides healthcare professionals with tools to support Maori and Pacific Islander families.

What we do

  • Aim to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families by delivering education sessions across health, education and early childhood sectors.
  • Lead the implementation of the state-wide policy response to obesity and chronic disease prevention.
  • Work in locations across South East Queensland and Cairns where we deliver front-line workshops and build local capacity.
  • Coordinate policy and practice changes across the health early childhood and education sectors.
  • Provide cross cultural training and professional development for healthcare professionals and educators.
  • Conduct research to improve the prevention, treatment and management of obesity and chronic disease and its impacts on early childhood development.

Our services include:

Contact details

t: 07 3310 7800