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Good Start to Life

The Good Start to Life Program is a free program available to Maori and Pacific Islander families. The program is designed to empower mothers, fathers and carers of babies and young children to adopt healthy nutrition and lifestyle practices during pregnancy and in early childhood (from birth to 4 years old).

Program details

All sessions are tailored to reflect Maori and Pacific Islander cultural values. They are delivered by a Multicultural Health Worker and are available in a variety of locations. We cover topics including:

  • healthy eating
  • nutrition for pregnancy and young children
  • healthy drinks
  • physical activity
  • access to health services (including antenatal, post-natal and child health care).

We offer three different types of sessions:

Home visits

Our Multicultural Health Worker will visit families at their home and deliver the session in a comfortable and familiar environment for the family.


We deliver sessions in local community playgroup settings. These sessions are tailored so that it is suitable for the group and involves the whole family in learning about healthy lifestyles.


We deliver sessions in local day-care centres where we tailor the session towards young children and making the content simple, fun and easy to understand.

The benefits

Some of the benefits of participating in this program are:

  • promotion of healthy weight and lifestyle
  • gaining knowledge about having a healthy pregnancy
  • empowering parents and carers to provide healthy foods and drinks to their babies and young children
  • understanding the nutrition and physical activity needs of your young child
  • practical tips to support living a healthier lifestyle for mums, dads, babies and young children
  • support from a team of multicultural health workers who understand family and cultural values.

Who can access this service and do I need a referral?

Good Start to Life

For families

Maori and Pacific Islander parents of young children (0-4 years) and parents to be. Families can self-refer by contacting our team. If you live in the Brisbane or Logan area please contact our friendly team on 0419 347 220 for more information. If you live in the Cairns area please contact our friendly team on 0427 547 094 for more information.

For health professionals

Please submit your completed referral form and supporting information to the Good Start program via email

Contact details

Logan and Brisbane
0419 347 220

0427 547 094


Good Start to Life (Logan) fact sheet

Good Start to Life (Cairns) fact sheet