Adolescent extended treatment

In 2020, we’re opening a new mental health extended treatment centre in Chermside (Brisbane) for young Queenslanders with severe and complex mental health issues. It will be the first of its kind in Australia, delivering specialist care and support to young people from across the State.

Right from the beginning of this important project, we’ve worked alongside young people, families, carers and clinicians to design the new centre and its services. Their lived-experiences, their ideas and their hopes for this new facility have been critical to delivering what will be a world-class service.

‘This 24-hour service aims to provide a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment for young people, so that they develop life skills and improve function, attend regular schooling or vocational training, and reconnect with their family and local community.’

What will the new centre do?

  • It will be an Australian-first, purpose-built centre at Chermside, Brisbane for young people aged between 13 and 18 years, and up to 21 years if developmentally appropriate.
  • It will provide a live-in service for young people across Queensland with severe and complex mental health issues, and a day program delivered in partnership with the Department of Education to provide an integrated educational and mental health treatment service.
  • The building and the services have been co-designed with consumers, carers and clinicians to make sure it reflects people’s lived experience of mental health services and will be safe and effective.
  • The centre will provide a supportive and structured environment for young people that focuses on improving their overall wellbeing and increasing their capacity and confidence to successfully transition back to their community.

So what will that look like?

The centre has been designed with individual choice and the healing experience for young people using it in mind. The centre will provide a positive and reassuring environment for young people to build life skills, recover and heal. It includes:

  • Indoor spaces specially designed to support young people’s recovery, from the colour schemes and floor coverings to the furniture and artwork on the walls;
  • Outdoor courtyards with a variety of purposes (from activity-based courtyards for playing games and sport, through to break-out areas for quiet reflection and time with family);
  • A visitor’s lounge (to provide a welcoming space for parents, siblings, extended family and friends to visit young people, away from clinical areas);
  • Onsite accommodation for family members and carers of young people visiting from regional or rural areas, to help support ongoing family and social connections.

A day at the new centre

A day for a young person at the new centre will involve many different activities and experiences to help meet their needs and support them in a meaningful way.

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