Coming for an operation

When you arrive at Queensland Children’s Hospital for a planned operation please go to the area stated in your letter.

These are the steps on arrival:

  • Let the reception/admissions staff know you have arrived
  • Complete admission forms (make sure you have your appointment letter with you).
  • Once the admissions process is complete, there may be a wait before other assessments take place. The reception/admissions staff will ensure you are in the right place
  • You can stay with your child at all times while various health checks are carried out, including heart rate, blood pressure and temperature
  • Your clinical team in the procedural room and/or operating theatre, including the anaesthetist and usually your doctor, may also see your child
  • You will have a wait before going into theatre or for the procedure, so bring things to keep your child occupied. Our Children’s Hospital Foundation volunteers and other charity partners also drop in regularly to keep children entertained while they are waiting
  • When it is time for your treatment or operation, you and your child may move to another area
  • One parent or carer can put on relevant gowns/clothes if they would like to escort their child into theatre, these will be supplied. Once your child is about to undergo their operation, you will be able to wait for them in a parent lounge, and one parent may be able to join them soon after the procedure in the recovery area.
  • After their surgery/procedure, your child will be moved to their appropriate ward.