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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy fact sheet

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Burns deviceThe device (pictured) is a portable, lightweight device that has a discreet and ergonomic design allowing you to continue treatment while carrying on with your daily life.

Important things to note

  • The unit should remain upright at all times.
  • The device-battery will only last for approximately 20 hours.

It is recommended to always charge overnight.

  • Do not shower with the device, sponge bath only.
  • The screen should display “continuous” or “intermittent” at all times.
  • The pump’s tubing could be considered a choking hazard and should be kept free from the facial area.
  • Never turn the machine off without seeking appropriate medical advice from the hospital.
  • Always bring the charger and power cords to your appointments.
  • If the absorbent pillow inside the canister ruptures, this is not a concern.

Warning signals

If the device screen displays – “warning leak/ low vacuum”

  • Listen for the “hiss” sound – this indicates a leak and you will need to reinforce the dressing with tegaderm or op-site.
  • If you can’t hear a hiss, tape around all edges of the dressing. Additional tape will be supplied if required.

If the device screen displays – “blockage”

  • There may be condensation in the tubing which will require changing of the canister. This can only be done by the hospital. To avoid this stay clear of recently used bathrooms.
  • Check there are no kinks in the tubing.

Contact the hospital immediately if:

  • There is a sudden increase or large amount of blood from the wound or in the tubing or canister.
  • There is an increase in pain, redness or smell.
  • The device keeps sounding the alarm tone and you can’t stop the alarm.

Contact us

Pegg Leditschke Children’s Burns Centre
Queensland Children’s Hospital
Level 5, 501 Stanley Street, South Brisbane
t: 07 3068 2830
t: 07 3068 1111 (general enquiries)

In an emergency, always call 000.

If it’s not an emergency but you have any concerns, contact 13 Health (13 43 2584). Qualified staff will give you advice on who to talk to and how quickly you should do it. You can phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Resource No: FS007. Developed by Burns Unit. Updated: January 2016. All information contained in this sheet has been supplied by qualified professionals as a guideline for care only. Seek medical advice, as appropriate, for concerns regarding your child’s health.