What our nurses say

“I’m very proud of the facilities we have available to our patients and families. For example, we have a dedicated overnight accommodation suite with 10 rooms that parents in our unit can escape to, allowing them to get respite and come back recharged to look after their child the next day.”

Sue KendallSue Kendall | Clinical Nurse (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit)

“Queensland Children’s Hospital has provided me with many opportunities to continue my learning pathway. They offer frequent courses in different areas of interest even if they are not specific to your department of work. We also have continued professional development annually and exposure to a number of courses internationally.”

Madeleine Tognini– Madeleine Tognini | Registered Nurse (Emergency)

“We’re really in the thick of the action here at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. It’s the biggest children’s hospital in the state…  and we cover many specialties. So if there’s something exciting or interesting going on in paediatrics, it tends to be here.”

Jason Hoy– Jason Hoy | Clinical Nurse Consultant (Neurosurgery and Plastics)

“After moving here from Canada, I have started as a full-scope RN. I’ve worked closely with the educators and the support staff here to identify any learning gaps I had with my overseas training. But I’ve found it fairly easy to do and I feel really supported.”

work-for-us-briley-burns– Briley Burns | Registered Nurse

“It’s so fulfilling working in a children’s hospital. Seeing the smile on a child’s face when they get discharged is the best thing ever. My team are so energetic, supportive and loving – everything you could ask for. I’d definitely recommend working at Queensland Children’s Hospital.”

Caroline Bolles– Caroline Bolles | Graduate Nurse

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