Queensland Youth Cancer Service

How we can help

  • Meeting with you to talk about your needs.
  • Accessing psychological support from professionals who have expertise in helping young people adjust to cancer.
  • Medical expertise in cancers found in young people.
  • Providing information about fertility and sexuality.
  • Assisting with work and study goals and hurdles.
  • Providing information about financial options and other supports available.
  • Facilitating cancer-related education for family, friends, schools and workplaces.
  • Please ask your cancer specialist to provide you with information about whether access to a clinical trial is available to you.
  • Connecting you with other young adults who have lived through their own cancer experience. You may be interested in joining the QYCS Youth Advisory Group.
  • Networking at a local, state and national level with other young adults, service providers and healthcare providers.
  • Linking you with post treatment support to maintain your future health.

Other services available:

  • For information on Canteen counselling services, phone 1800 835 932 or visit canteen.org.au
    For Lifeline’s 24-hour Telephone Crisis Support, phone 13 11 14 or visit lifeline.org.au for more information.
    For the Kids Helpline, phone 1800 55 1800 or visit kidshelpline.com.au/teens
  • For more information relating to fertility preservation, visit Canteen’s fertility advice page.
  • Commencing on 17 August 2020, the Education and Career Support Program was adopted from Redkite, by Canteen, to enable continuation of this successful program, supporting young people diagnosed with cancer between 15-25 years of age with education and career support needs.
    To refer a young person to the ECS program please go to the online referral form. If you require a PDF version of the form, please contact ecs@canteen.org.au.
  • For more information, visit please visit the Work after Cancer website – a resource to support work during and after cancer diagnosis.

Patient resources

Thinking Ahead: Your guide to school, study and work
Thinking Ahead has been developed to help you get back on track with school, study and work after a cancer diagnosis.

How to Refer

We welcome referrals from:

  • Health professionals, including GPs, from the medical, nursing and allied health sectors in public and private cancer centres.
  • Non-government support organisations and educational institutions, including schools.

Young people and their families can also refer directly to our services. When this occurs, the QYCS team will request the contact details of their treating specialist and/or their GP.
Download a referral form
Download printable referral form