Catchment areas

Specialist service catchment areas

Specialist Children’s Health Queensland services are delivered subject to individual catchment restrictions. Please check the catchment area for the service your patient requires via the Find a service page before submitting your referral.

Children who live within the Queensland Children’s Hospital catchment should be referred to our hospital for specialist treatment as required.

Children who live outside the Queensland Children’s Hospital catchment should be referred to their local hospital and health service if they require treatment for general paediatric conditions.

However, patients should be referred to the Queensland Children’s Hospital if:

  • it is an urgent referral such as a new cancer diagnosis
  • the local service does not provide the required service/s.

South East Queensland catchment finder

The Queensland Children’s Hospital (LCCH) is part of a statewide network of public hospitals providing general paediatric care. While the hospital provides sub-specialist paediatric care to patients from across the state, only children and young people living within LCCH’s local catchment area can be referred to the general paediatric outpatient department.

All referrals for general paediatric outpatients should be sent to your patient’s local hospital service in the first instance. To determine which general paediatric catchment area your patient lives in, please use the search function below.

NOTE: Referrals from outside the correct catchment area for general paediatrics cannot be accepted and may cause delays in treatment.

Search by suburb or postcode

Search by your patient’s suburb of residence or postcode to find their nearest hospital and health service offering general paediatric care.

SuburbHospital CatchmentPost code
Acacia RidgeLady Cilento Children's Hospital4110
AdareIpswich Hospital4343
AdvancetownGold Coast University Hospital4211
Albany CreekThe Prince Charles Hospital4035
AlbertonGold Coast University Hospital4207
AlbionLady Cilento Children's Hospital4010
AlderleyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4051
Alexandra HillsRedlands Hospital4161
AlgesterLady Cilento Children's Hospital4115
AllandaleIpswich Hospital4310
AllenviewLogan Hospital4285
AmberleyIpswich Hospital4306
AmityRedlands Hospital4183
AnnerleyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4103
AnsteadLady Cilento Children's Hospital4070
AnthonyIpswich Hospital4310
Arana HillsThe Prince Charles Hospital4054
AratulaIpswich Hospital4309
ArcherfieldLady Cilento Children's Hospital4108
Armstrong CreekThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
ArundelGold Coast University Hospital4214
AscotLady Cilento Children's Hospital4007
AshgroveLady Cilento Children's Hospital4060
AshmoreGold Coast University Hospital4214
AshwellIpswich Hospital4340
AspleyThe Prince Charles Hospital4034
Atkinson's DamIpswich Hospital4311
AuchenflowerLady Cilento Children's Hospital4066
Augustine HeightsIpswich Hospital4300
AustinvilleGold Coast University Hospital4213
Avoca ValeIpswich Hospital4306
Bahr's ScrubLogan Hospital4207
Bald HillsThe Prince Charles Hospital4036
BalmoralLady Cilento Children's Hospital4171
Banks CreekLady Cilento Children's Hospital4306
Banksia BeachCaboolture Hospital4507
BannockburnLogan Hospital4207
BanyoThe Prince Charles Hospital4014
BardonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4065
Barellan PointIpswich Hospital4306
Basin PocketIpswich Hospital4305
BeachmereCaboolture Hospital4510
BeaudesertLogan Hospital4285
BeechmontGold Coast University Hospital4211
BeenleighLogan Hospital4207
BelivahLogan Hospital4207
BellaraCaboolture Hospital4507
Bellbird ParkIpswich Hospital4300
BellbowrieLady Cilento Children's Hospital4070
BellmereCaboolture Hospital4510
BellthorpeCaboolture Hospital4514
BelmontLady Cilento Children's Hospital4153
BenarkinIpswich Hospital4306
Benarkin NorthIpswich Hospital4306
BenobbleGold Coast University Hospital4275
BenowaGold Coast University Hospital4217
Benowa WatersGold Coast University Hospital4217
Bergin's HillIpswich Hospital4304
BerrinbaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4117
BiarraIpswich Hospital4313
BiddaddabaGold Coast University Hospital4275
Biggera WatersGold Coast University Hospital4216
BilingaGold Coast University Hospital4225
Binna Burra (QLD part)Gold Coast University Hospital4211
BirkdaleRedlands Hospital4159
BirnamLogan Hospital4285
Black Duck CreekIpswich Hospital4343
BlackbuttIpswich Hospital4306
Blackbutt NorthIpswich Hospital4306
Blackbutt SouthIpswich Hospital4306
BlacksoilIpswich Hospital4306
BlackstoneIpswich Hospital4304
BlantyreIpswich Hospital4310
BlenheimIpswich Hospital4341
BongareeCaboolture Hospital4507
BonoginGold Coast University Hospital4213
BoonahIpswich Hospital4310
BoondallThe Prince Charles Hospital4034
BoovalIpswich Hospital4304
BorallonIpswich Hospital4306
Boronia HeightsLogan Hospital4124
Bowen HillsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4006
BoykambilGold Coast University Hospital4212
BoylandGold Coast University Hospital4275
BracalbaCaboolture Hospital4512
Bracken RidgeThe Prince Charles Hospital4017
BraemoreIpswich Hospital4313
BrassalIpswich Hospital4305
Bray ParkThe Prince Charles Hospital4500
Breakfast CreekLady Cilento Children's Hospital4010
BrendaleThe Prince Charles Hospital4500
Bribie IslandCaboolture Hospital4507
Bridgeman DownsThe Prince Charles Hospital4035
BrightonThe Prince Charles Hospital4017
BrightviewIpswich Hospital4311
Brisbane AirportLady Cilento Children's Hospital4008
Brisbane CityLady Cilento Children's Hospital4000
BroadbeachGold Coast University Hospital4218
Broadbeach WatersGold Coast University Hospital4218
BromeltonLogan Hospital4285
BrookfieldLady Cilento Children's Hospital4069
BrookwaterIpswich Hospital4300
Browns PlainsLogan Hospital4118
BuarabaIpswich Hospital4311
Buaraba SouthIpswich Hospital4311
BuccanLogan Hospital4207
BulimbaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4171
BunburraIpswich Hospital4310
BundallGold Coast University Hospital4217
BundambaIpswich Hospital4304
BunjurgenIpswich Hospital4310
BunyaThe Prince Charles Hospital4055
BurbankLady Cilento Children's Hospital4156
Burleigh HeadsGold Coast University Hospital4220
Burleigh WatersGold Coast University Hospital4220
Burnett CreekIpswich Hospital4310
BurpengaryCaboolture Hospital4505
Burpengary EastCaboolture Hospital4505
ByrdenIpswich Hospital4312
CabooltureCaboolture Hospital4510
Caboolture SouthCaboolture Hospital4510
CaboonahIpswich Hospital4312
CaffeyIpswich Hospital4343
CainbableLogan Hospital4285
CalamvaleLady Cilento Children's Hospital4116
CalvertIpswich Hospital4340
CamiraIpswich Hospital4300
Camp HillLady Cilento Children's Hospital4152
Camp MountainThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
Campbells PocketThe Prince Charles Hospital4521
Cannon CreekIpswich Hospital4310
Cannon HillLady Cilento Children's Hospital4170
CanungraGold Coast University Hospital4275
CapalabaRedlands Hospital4157
CarbrookLogan Hospital4130
CarinaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4152
Carina HeightsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4152
CarindaleLady Cilento Children's Hospital4152
Carney's CreekIpswich Hospital4310
Carole ParkIpswich Hospital4300
CarpendaleIpswich Hospital4344
CarraraGold Coast University Hospital4211
CarseldineThe Prince Charles Hospital4034
CashmereThe Prince Charles Hospital4500
Cedar Creek (part - east of Albert River)Gold Coast University Hospital4207
Cedar Creek (part - west of Albert River)Logan Hospital4207
Cedar GroveLogan Hospital4285
Cedar ValeLogan Hospital4285
CedartonCaboolture Hospital4514
Chambers FlatLogan Hospital4133
ChandlerLady Cilento Children's Hospital4155
Chapel HillLady Cilento Children's Hospital4069
Chardon's BridgeGold Coast University Hospital4207
CharlwoodIpswich Hospital4309
ChelmerLady Cilento Children's Hospital4068
ChermsideThe Prince Charles Hospital4032
Chermside WestThe Prince Charles Hospital4032
Cherry CreekIpswich Hospital4306
Chevron IslandGold Coast University Hospital4217
Chinghee CreekLogan Hospital4285
Christmas CreekLogan Hospital4285
ChurchillIpswich Hospital4305
ChurhableIpswich Hospital4311
ChuwarIpswich Hospital4306
ChuwarLady Cilento Children's Hospital4306
ClagirabaGold Coast University Hospital4211
ClarendonIpswich Hospital4311
ClayfieldLady Cilento Children's Hospital4011
Clear Island WatersGold Coast University Hospital4226
Clear MountainThe Prince Charles Hospital4500
ClevelandRedlands Hospital4163
ClontarfRedcliffe Hospital4019
CloseburnThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
ClumberIpswich Hospital4309
Coal CreekIpswich Hospital4312
CoalfallsIpswich Hospital4305
ColeyvilleIpswich Hospital4307
ColingtonIpswich Hospital4306
College ViewIpswich Hospital4343
Collingwood ParkIpswich Hospital4301
Commissioners FlatCaboolture Hospital4514
Coochiemudlo IslandRedlands Hospital4184
CoochinIpswich Hospital4310
CooeeimbardiIpswich Hospital4313
CoolanaIpswich Hospital4311
CoolangattaGold Coast University Hospital4225
CoombabahGold Coast University Hospital4216
CoomeraGold Coast University Hospital4209
CoominyaIpswich Hospital4311
Coopers PlainsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4108
CoorparooLady Cilento Children's Hospital4151
CorindaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4075
CornubiaLogan Hospital4130
CoulsonIpswich Hospital4310
CressbrookIpswich Hospital4313
CrestmeadLogan Hospital4132
CroftbyIpswich Hospital4310
CrossdaleIpswich Hospital4312
Crowley ValeIpswich Hospital4342
CrynaLogan Hospital4285
CurrumbinGold Coast University Hospital4223
Currumbin ValleyGold Coast University Hospital4223
Currumbin WatersGold Coast University Hospital4223
D'AguilarCaboolture Hospital4514
Daisy HillLogan Hospital4127
DakabinThe Prince Charles Hospital4503
DarlingtonLogan Hospital4285
DarraLady Cilento Children's Hospital4076
DayboroThe Prince Charles Hospital4521
DeagonThe Prince Charles Hospital4017
Deception BayCaboolture Hospital4508
Deebing HeightsIpswich Hospital4306
Delaneys CreekCaboolture Hospital4514
Denmark HillIpswich Hospital4305
DinmoreIpswich Hospital4303
DonnybrookCaboolture Hospital4510
DoolandellaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4077
DraperThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
DrewvaleLady Cilento Children's Hospital4116
DugandanIpswich Hospital4310
DundasIpswich Hospital4306
DunwichRedlands Hospital4183
DurackLady Cilento Children's Hospital4077
Dutton ParkLady Cilento Children's Hospital4102
Eagle FarmLady Cilento Children's Hospital4009
Eagle HeightsGold Coast University Hospital4271
Eagle JunctionLady Cilento Children's Hospital4011
EaglebyLogan Hospital4207
East BrisbaneLady Cilento Children's Hospital4169
East HaldonIpswich Hospital4343
East IpswichIpswich Hospital4305
Eastern HeightsIpswich Hospital4305
Eatons HillThe Prince Charles Hospital4037
Ebbw ValeIpswich Hospital4304
EbenezerIpswich Hospital4340
Edens LandingLogan Hospital4207
EgyptIpswich Hospital4344
Eight Mile PlainsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4113
EkibinLady Cilento Children's Hospital4121
ElanoraGold Coast University Hospital4221
ElimbahCaboolture Hospital4516
Ellen GroveLady Cilento Children's Hospital4078
England CreekIpswich Hospital4306
England CreekLady Cilento Children's Hospital4306
EnoggeraLady Cilento Children's Hospital4051
Enoggera ReservoirLady Cilento Children's Hospital4520
Ephraim IslandGold Coast University Hospital4216
EskIpswich Hospital4312
EskdaleIpswich Hospital4312
Everton HillsThe Prince Charles Hospital4053
Everton ParkThe Prince Charles Hospital4053
FairfieldLady Cilento Children's Hospital4103
Fairney ViewIpswich Hospital4306
FassifernIpswich Hospital4309
Fassifern ValleyIpswich Hospital4309
FernvaleIpswich Hospital4306
Ferny GlenGold Coast University Hospital4275
Ferny GroveLady Cilento Children's Hospital4055
Ferny HillsThe Prince Charles Hospital4055
Fig Tree PocketLady Cilento Children's Hospital4069
FitzgibbonThe Prince Charles Hospital4018
Flagstone CreekIpswich Hospital4344
Flinders ViewIpswich Hospital4305
Florida GardensGold Coast University Hospital4218
Flying FoxGold Coast University Hospital4275
FordsdaleIpswich Hospital4343
Forest HillIpswich Hospital4342
Forest LakeLady Cilento Children's Hospital4078
ForestdaleLogan Hospital4118
Fortitude ValleyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4006
FrazerviewIpswich Hospital4309
Frenchies CreekIpswich Hospital4310
FulhamIpswich Hospital4313
GailesIpswich Hospital4300
Garden IslandRedlands Hospital4184
GattonIpswich Hospital4343
GavenGold Coast University Hospital4211
GaythorneLady Cilento Children's Hospital4051
GeebungThe Prince Charles Hospital4034
GilbertonGold Coast University Hospital4208
GillaIpswich Hospital4306
GilstonGold Coast University Hospital4211
Glamorgan ValeIpswich Hospital4306
Glen CairnIpswich Hospital4342
Glen EskIpswich Hospital4312
GleneagleLogan Hospital4285
GlenfernCaboolture Hospital4515
Glenore GroveIpswich Hospital4342
Godwin BeachCaboolture Hospital4511
Gold CoastGold Coast University Hospital4217
GoodnaIpswich Hospital4300
Googa CreekIpswich Hospital4306
GoolmanIpswich Hospital4306
Gordon ParkThe Prince Charles Hospital4031
GracevilleLady Cilento Children's Hospital4075
GrandchesterIpswich Hospital4340
GrangeLady Cilento Children's Hospital4051
GranthamIpswich Hospital4347
GreenbankLogan Hospital4124
GreenslopesLady Cilento Children's Hospital4120
Gregor's CreekIpswich Hospital4313
GriffinThe Prince Charles Hospital4503
GrovelyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4054
GuanabaGold Coast University Hospital4210
GumdaleLady Cilento Children's Hospital4154
HaigsleaIpswich Hospital4306
HamiltonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4007
HarlinCaboolture Hospital4306
HarrisvaleIpswich Hospital4307
Hatton ValeIpswich Hospital4341
HawthorneLady Cilento Children's Hospital4171
HazeldeanCaboolture Hospital4515
HeathwoodLady Cilento Children's Hospital4110
HelensvaleGold Coast University Hospital4212
HelidonIpswich Hospital4344
Helidon SpaIpswich Hospital4344
HemmantLady Cilento Children's Hospital4174
HendraLady Cilento Children's Hospital4011
Heritage ParkLogan Hospital4118
HerstonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4006
Highgate HillLady Cilento Children's Hospital4101
Highland ParkGold Coast University Hospital4211
HighvaleThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
HillcrestLogan Hospital4118
HillviewLogan Hospital4285
Holland ParkLady Cilento Children's Hospital4121
Holland Park WestLady Cilento Children's Hospital4121
HollywellGold Coast University Hospital4216
HolmviewLogan Hospital4207
Hope IslandGold Coast University Hospital4212
HoyaIpswich Hospital4310
IllinbahGold Coast University Hospital4275
InalaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4077
IndooroopillyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4068
InglesideGold Coast University Hospital4228
IngoldsbyIpswich Hospital4343
InnisplainLogan Hospital4285
IpswichIpswich Hospital4305
IredaleIpswich Hospital4344
IronbarkIpswich Hospital4306
Ivory CreekIpswich Hospital4313
Jacobs WellGold Coast University Hospital4208
Jamboree HeightsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4074
JeebropillyIpswich Hospital4340
JimboombaLogan Hospital4280
JimnaCaboolture Hospital4515
JindaleeLady Cilento Children's Hospital4074
JosephvilleLogan Hospital4285
JoynerThe Prince Charles Hospital4500
Junction ViewIpswich Hospital4343
KagaruLogan Hospital4285
KalbarIpswich Hospital4309
KalingaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4030
KallangurThe Prince Charles Hospital4503
Kangaroo PointLady Cilento Children's Hospital4169
KaraleeIpswich Hospital4306
Karana DownsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4306
KarawathaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4117
KarrabinIpswich Hospital4306
Karragarra IslandRedlands Hospital4184
KedronThe Prince Charles Hospital4031
Kelvin GroveLady Cilento Children's Hospital4059
KenmoreLady Cilento Children's Hospital4069
Kenmore HillsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4069
Kensington GroveIpswich Hospital4341
Kent's LagoonIpswich Hospital4309
Kent's PocketIpswich Hospital4310
KentvilleIpswich Hospital4341
KeperraLady Cilento Children's Hospital4054
KerryLogan Hospital4285
KholoLady Cilento Children's Hospital4306
KilcoyCaboolture Hospital4515
King ScrubCaboolture Hospital4521
KingahamCaboolture Hospital4515
KingsholmeGold Coast University Hospital4208
KingstonLogan Hospital4114
Kippa-RingRedcliffe Hospital4021
KirraGold Coast University Hospital4225
Knapp CreekLogan Hospital4285
Koala ParkGold Coast University Hospital4220
Kobble CreekThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
KooralbynLogan Hospital4285
KulgunIpswich Hospital4309
KurabyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4112
KurwongbahThe Prince Charles Hospital4503
LabradorGold Coast University Hospital4215
Laceys CreekThe Prince Charles Hospital4521
Lagoon IslandRedlands Hospital4184
LaidleyIpswich Hospital4341
Laidley Creek WestIpswich Hospital4341
Laidley HeightsIpswich Hospital4341
Laidley NorthIpswich Hospital4341
Laidley SouthIpswich Hospital4341
Lake ClarendonIpswich Hospital4343
Lake ManchesterLady Cilento Children's Hospital4306
Lamb IslandRedlands Hospital4184
LamingtonLogan Hospital4285
LanefieldIpswich Hospital4340
LarapintaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4110
LaravaleLogan Hospital4285
Lark HillIpswich Hospital4306
LawesIpswich Hospital4343
LawntonThe Prince Charles Hospital4501
Lefthand BranchIpswich Hospital4343
LeichhardtIpswich Hospital4305
LilydaleIpswich Hospital4344
Limestone RidgesIpswich Hospital4305
LindumLady Cilento Children's Hospital4178
LinvilleIpswich Hospital4306
Little Goat IslandCaboolture Hospital4510
LockroseIpswich Hospital4342
LockyerIpswich Hospital4344
Lockyer WatersIpswich Hospital4311
Logan CentralLogan Hospital4114
Logan City DCLogan Hospital4114
Logan ReserveLogan Hospital4133
Logan VillageLogan Hospital4207
LoganholmeLogan Hospital4129
LoganleaLogan Hospital4131
LotaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4179
Lower BeechmontGold Coast University Hospital4211
Lower CressbrookIpswich Hospital4313
Lower Mount WalkerIpswich Hospital4340
Lower TenthillIpswich Hospital4343
LowoodIpswich Hospital4311
LuscombeGold Coast University Hospital4207
LutwycheLady Cilento Children's Hospital4030
LynfordIpswich Hospital4342
LyonsLogan Hospital4124
LyttonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4178
Ma Ma CreekIpswich Hospital4347
MacgregorLady Cilento Children's Hospital4109
MackenzieLady Cilento Children's Hospital4156
Macleay IslandRedlands Hospital4184
Main BeachGold Coast University Hospital4217
Mango HillRedcliffe Hospital4509
ManlyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4179
Manly WestLady Cilento Children's Hospital4179
MansfieldLady Cilento Children's Hospital4122
MarburgIpswich Hospital4346
MargateRedcliffe Hospital4019
MaroonIpswich Hospital4310
MarsdenLogan Hospital4132
MaudslandGold Coast University Hospital4210
McDowallThe Prince Charles Hospital4053
MeadowbrookLogan Hospital4131
MeldaleCaboolture Hospital4510
Mermaid BeachGold Coast University Hospital4218
Mermaid WatersGold Coast University Hospital4218
MerrimacGold Coast University Hospital4226
MerryvaleIpswich Hospital4340
MiamiGold Coast University Hospital4220
Middle ParkLady Cilento Children's Hospital4074
MilbongIpswich Hospital4310
MilfordIpswich Hospital4310
MiloraIpswich Hospital4309
MiltonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4064
MindenIpswich Hospital4311
MitcheltonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4053
MoggillLady Cilento Children's Hospital4070
MolendinarGold Coast University Hospital4214
MonsildaleCaboolture Hospital4515
Monterey KeysGold Coast University Hospital4212
MoodluCaboolture Hospital4510
MoogerahIpswich Hospital4309
MoombraIpswich Hospital4312
MoorangIpswich Hospital4340
MooreIpswich Hospital4306
Moores PocketIpswich Hospital4305
MoorinaCaboolture Hospital4506
MoorookaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4105
MorayfieldCaboolture Hospital4506
MorningsideLady Cilento Children's Hospital4170
Morton ValeIpswich Hospital4343
MorwinchaIpswich Hospital4309
Mount AlfordIpswich Hospital4310
Mount ArcherCaboolture Hospital4514
Mount BeppoIpswich Hospital4313
Mount BerrymanIpswich Hospital4341
Mount BingaIpswich Hospital4306
Mount ByronIpswich Hospital4312
Mount Coot-thaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4066
Mount CottonRedlands Hospital4165
Mount CrosbyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4306
Mount DelaneyCaboolture Hospital4514
Mount EdwardsIpswich Hospital4309
Mount ForbesIpswich Hospital4340
Mount FrenchIpswich Hospital4310
Mount GippsLogan Hospital4285
Mount GloriousThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
Mount GravattLady Cilento Children's Hospital4122
Mount Gravatt EastLady Cilento Children's Hospital4122
Mount HallenIpswich Hospital4312
Mount KilcoyCaboolture Hospital4515
Mount MarrowIpswich Hospital4306
Mount MeeCaboolture Hospital4521
Mount MortIpswich Hospital4340
Mount NathanGold Coast University Hospital4211
Mount NeboThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
Mount OmmaneyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4074
Mount PleasantCaboolture Hospital4521
Mount SamsonThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
Mount StanleyIpswich Hospital4306
Mount SylviaIpswich Hospital4343
Mount Taram[aIpswich Hospital4311
Mount WalkerIpswich Hospital4340
Mount Walker WestIpswich Hospital4340
Mount Warren ParkLogan Hospital4207
Mount WhitestoneIpswich Hospital4347
Mud IslandLady Cilento Children's Hospital4178
MudgeerabaGold Coast University Hospital4213
MuirleaIpswich Hospital4306
MulgowieIpswich Hospital4341
MunbillaIpswich Hospital4309
MundoolunLogan Hospital4285
MunrubenLogan Hospital4125
MurarrieLady Cilento Children's Hospital4172
MurrumbaIpswich Hospital4312
Murrumba DownsThe Prince Charles Hospital4503
MutdapillyIpswich Hospital4307
NarangbaCaboolture Hospital4504
NathanLady Cilento Children's Hospital4111
Natural BridgeGold Coast University Hospital4211
NerangGold Coast University Hospital4211
NeranwoodGold Coast University Hospital4213
NeurumCaboolture Hospital4514
New BeithLogan Hospital4124
New ChumIpswich Hospital4303
New FarmLady Cilento Children's Hospital4005
NewmarketLady Cilento Children's Hospital4051
NewportRedcliffe Hospital4020
NewsteadLady Cilento Children's Hospital4006
NewtownIpswich Hospital4305
NingiCaboolture Hospital4511
Nobby's BeachGold Coast University Hospital4218
NondooinbahLogan Hospital4285
Norman ParkLady Cilento Children's Hospital4170
North BoovalIpswich Hospital4304
North IpswichIpswich Hospital4305
North LakesRedcliffe Hospital4509
North MacleanLogan Hospital4280
North Stradbroke IslandRedlands Hospital4183
North TamborineGold Coast University Hospital4272
North TivoliIpswich Hospital4305
NorthgateThe Prince Charles Hospital4013
NorwellGold Coast University Hospital4208
NudgeeThe Prince Charles Hospital4014
Nudgee BeachThe Prince Charles Hospital4014
NukkaIpswich Hospital4306
Numinbah ValleyGold Coast University Hospital4211
NundahThe Prince Charles Hospital4012
Oaky CreekLogan Hospital4285
Obum ObumIpswich Hospital4309
Ocean ViewCaboolture Hospital4521
One MileIpswich Hospital4305
O'ReillyGold Coast University Hospital4275
OrmeauGold Coast University Hospital4208
Ormeau HillsGold Coast University Hospital4208
OrmistonRedlands Hospital4160
OttabaIpswich Hospital4313
OxenfordGold Coast University Hospital4210
Oxford ParkLady Cilento Children's Hospital4053
OxleyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4075
Pacific PinesGold Coast University Hospital4211
PaddingtonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4064
PallaraLady Cilento Children's Hospital4110
Palm BeachGold Coast University Hospital4221
Pannikin IslandRedlands Hospital4184
Paradise IslandGold Coast University Hospital4217
Paradise PointGold Coast University Hospital4216
Paradise WatersGold Coast University Hospital4217
Park LakeGold Coast University Hospital4211
Park RidgeLogan Hospital4125
Park Ridge SouthLogan Hospital4125
ParkinsonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4115
ParkwoodGold Coast University Hospital4214
Patrick EstateIpswich Hospital4311
Peak CrossingIpswich Hospital4306
Peel IslandRedlands Hospital4184
Perulpa IslandRedlands Hospital4184
PetrieThe Prince Charles Hospital4502
Petrie TerraceLady Cilento Children's Hospital4000
PimpamaGold Coast University Hospital4209
Pine MountainIpswich Hospital4306
Pinjarra HillsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4069
PinkenbaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4008
Placid HillsIpswich Hospital4343
PlainlandIpswich Hospital4341
Point LookoutRedlands Hospital4183
Port of BrisbaneLady Cilento Children's Hospital4178
PrezlauIpswich Hospital4311
PriestdaleLogan Hospital4127
PullenvaleLady Cilento Children's Hospital4069
PurgaIpswich Hospital4306
Raby BayRedlands Hospital4163
RaceviewIpswich Hospital4305
RadfordIpswich Hospital4307
Rainbow BayGold Coast University Hospital4225
RainworthLady Cilento Children's Hospital4065
RansomeLady Cilento Children's Hospital4154
Raymond's HillIpswich Hospital4305
Red HillLady Cilento Children's Hospital4059
RedbankIpswich Hospital4301
Redbank CreekIpswich Hospital4312
Redbank PlainsIpswich Hospital4301
RedcliffeRedcliffe Hospital4020
Redland BayRedlands Hospital4165
Reedy CreekGold Coast University Hospital4227
Regency DownsIpswich Hospital4341
Regent's ParkLogan Hospital4118
RichlandsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4077
Rifle RangeIpswich Hospital4311
RingwoodIpswich Hospital4343
RipleyIpswich Hospital4306
RiverhillsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4074
RiverviewIpswich Hospital4303
RoadvaleIpswich Hospital4310
RobertsonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4109
RobinaGold Coast University Hospital4226
RochedaleLady Cilento Children's Hospital4123
Rochedale SouthLogan Hospital4123
RockleaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4106
RockmountIpswich Hospital4344
RocksbergCaboolture Hospital4510
RocksideIpswich Hospital4343
RopeleyIpswich Hospital4343
RosalieLady Cilento Children's Hospital4064
RosevaleIpswich Hospital4340
RosewoodIpswich Hospital4340
RothwellRedcliffe Hospital4022
RoystonCaboolture Hospital4515
Runaway BayGold Coast University Hospital4216
RuncornLady Cilento Children's Hospital4113
Rush CreekThe Prince Charles Hospital4521
Russell IslandRedlands Hospital4184
Sadlier's CrossingIpswich Hospital4305
SalisburyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4107
SamfordThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
Samford ValleyThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
Samford VillageThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
SamsonvaleThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
Sanctuary CoveGold Coast University Hospital4212
SandgateThe Prince Charles Hospital4017
Sandstone PointCaboolture Hospital4511
Sandy CreekCaboolture Hospital4515
Santa BarbaraGold Coast University Hospital4212
SarabahGold Coast University Hospital4275
ScarboroughRedcliffe Hospital4020
Scrub CreekIpswich Hospital4313
Seven HillsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4170
Seventeen MileIpswich Hospital4344
Seventeen Mile RocksLady Cilento Children's Hospital4073
Shailer ParkLogan Hospital4128
Sheep Station CreekCaboolture Hospital4515
SheldonRedlands Hospital4157
SherwoodLady Cilento Children's Hospital4075
ShorncliffeThe Prince Charles Hospital4017
SilkstoneIpswich Hospital4304
SilverdaleIpswich Hospital4307
Sinnamon ParkLady Cilento Children's Hospital4073
Slacks CreekLogan Hospital4127
Somerset DamIpswich Hospital4312
SorrentoGold Coast University Hospital4217
South BankLady Cilento Children's Hospital4101
South BrisbaneLady Cilento Children's Hospital4101
South MacleanLogan Hospital4280
South RipleyIpswich Hospital4306
South StradbrokeGold Coast University Hospital4216
Southern LamingtonGold Coast University Hospital4211
Southern Moreton Bay IslandsGold Coast University Hospital4207
SouthportGold Coast University Hospital4215
Sovereign IslandsGold Coast University Hospital4216
Split Yard CreekIpswich Hospital4306
Spring CreekIpswich Hospital4343
Spring HillLady Cilento Children's Hospital4000
SpringbrookGold Coast University Hospital4213
SpringfieldIpswich Hospital4300
Springfield CentralIpswich Hospital4300
Springfield LakesIpswich Hospital4300
SpringwoodLogan Hospital4127
St Helena IslandLady Cilento Children's Hospital4179
St LuciaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4067
StaffordThe Prince Charles Hospital4053
Stafford HeightsThe Prince Charles Hospital4053
StanmoreCaboolture Hospital4514
StapyltonGold Coast University Hospital4207
SteiglitzGold Coast University Hospital4207
StockleighLogan Hospital4280
StockyardIpswich Hospital4344
Stony CreekCaboolture Hospital4514
StrathpineThe Prince Charles Hospital4500
StrettonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4116
SummerholmIpswich Hospital4341
SumnerLady Cilento Children's Hospital4074
SunnybankLady Cilento Children's Hospital4109
Sunnybank HillsLady Cilento Children's Hospital4109
Surfer's ParadiseGold Coast University Hospital4217
SwanbankIpswich Hospital4306
TaboobaLogan Hospital4285
TabragalbaLogan Hospital4285
TaigumThe Prince Charles Hospital4018
TallaiGold Coast University Hospital4213
TallebudgeraGold Coast University Hospital4228
Tallebudgera ValleyGold Coast University Hospital4228
TallegallaIpswich Hospital4340
TamborineGold Coast University Hospital4270
Tamborine MountainGold Coast University Hospital4272
TamrookumLogan Hospital4285
Tamrookum CreekLogan Hospital4285
Tanah MerahLogan Hospital4128
TarampaIpswich Hospital4311
TaringaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4068
TaromeIpswich Hospital4309
TaromeoIpswich Hospital4306
TarragindiLady Cilento Children's Hospital4121
TeelahIpswich Hospital4306
TemplinIpswich Hospital4310
TeneriffeLady Cilento Children's Hospital4005
TennysonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4105
TeviotvilleIpswich Hospital4309
ThagoonaIpswich Hospital4306
The BluffIpswich Hospital4340
The GapLady Cilento Children's Hospital4061
ThornesideRedlands Hospital4158
ThornlandsRedlands Hospital4164
ThorntonIpswich Hospital4341
TingalpaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4173
TivoliIpswich Hospital4305
Tivoli HillIpswich Hospital4305
ToogoolawahIpswich Hospital4313
ToombulThe Prince Charles Hospital4012
ToorbulCaboolture Hospital4510
ToowongLady Cilento Children's Hospital4066
TownsonIpswich Hospital4341
TugunGold Coast University Hospital4224
Tugun HeightsGold Coast University Hospital4224
UnderwoodLogan Hospital4119
UndullahLogan Hospital4285
Upper BrookfieldLady Cilento Children's Hospital4069
Upper CabooltureCaboolture Hospital4510
Upper CoomeraGold Coast University Hospital4209
Upper FlagstoneIpswich Hospital4344
Upper KedronLady Cilento Children's Hospital4055
Upper Mount GravattLady Cilento Children's Hospital4122
Upper TenthillIpswich Hospital4343
Varsity LakesGold Coast University Hospital4227
VeradillaIpswich Hospital4347
VeresdaleLogan Hospital4285
Veresdale ScrubLogan Hospital4285
VernorIpswich Hospital4306
Victoria PointRedlands Hospital4165
VilleneuveCaboolture Hospital4514
Vinegar HillIpswich Hospital4343
VirginiaThe Prince Charles Hospital4014
WacolLady Cilento Children's Hospital4076
WakerleyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4154
Wallace's CreekIpswich Hospital4310
WalloonIpswich Hospital4306
WamuranCaboolture Hospital4512
Wamuran BasinCaboolture Hospital4512
WanoraIpswich Hospital4306
WarnerThe Prince Charles Hospital4500
Warrill ViewIpswich Hospital4307
WashpoolIpswich Hospital4306
WaterfordLogan Hospital4133
Waterford WestLogan Hospital4133
Wavell HeightsThe Prince Charles Hospital4012
Weller's HillLady Cilento Children's Hospital4121
Wellington PointRedlands Hospital4160
WelsbyCaboolture Hospital4507
West EndLady Cilento Children's Hospital4101
West IpswichIpswich Hospital4305
WestlakeLady Cilento Children's Hospital4074
White PatchCaboolture Hospital4507
White RockIpswich Hospital4306
WhitesideThe Prince Charles Hospital4503
Wights MountainThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
WillawongLady Cilento Children's Hospital4110
Willow ValeGold Coast University Hospital4209
WillowbankIpswich Hospital4306
Wilson's PlainsIpswich Hospital4307
WilstonLady Cilento Children's Hospital4051
WindarooLogan Hospital4207
WindsorLady Cilento Children's Hospital4030
WinwillIpswich Hospital4347
WinyaCaboolture Hospital4515
WishartLady Cilento Children's Hospital4122
WitherenGold Coast University Hospital4275
Wivenhoe HillIpswich Hospital4311
Wivenhoe PocketIpswich Hospital4306
WolffdeneLogan Hospital4207
WongawallanGold Coast University Hospital4210
WonglepongGold Coast University Hospital4275
WoodbineIpswich Hospital4343
WoodendIpswich Hospital4305
WoodfordCaboolture Hospital4514
WoodhillLogan Hospital4285
WoodlandsIpswich Hospital4343
WoodridgeLogan Hospital4114
Woody PointRedcliffe Hospital4019
WoolloongabbaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4102
WooloomanIpswich Hospital4310
WooloowinLady Cilento Children's Hospital4030
WoolshedIpswich Hospital4340
WoomarCaboolture Hospital4515
WoongoolbaGold Coast University Hospital4207
WoorimCaboolture Hospital4507
WorongaryGold Coast University Hospital4213
WulkuraIpswich Hospital4305
WyaralongIpswich Hospital4310
WynnumLady Cilento Children's Hospital4178
Wynnum WestLady Cilento Children's Hospital4178
YamantoIpswich Hospital4305
YarrabilbaLogan Hospital4207
YatalaGold Coast University Hospital4207
YeerongpillyLady Cilento Children's Hospital4105
YerongaLady Cilento Children's Hospital4104
YimbunIpswich Hospital4313
YugarThe Prince Charles Hospital4520
ZillmereThe Prince Charles Hospital4034
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