HealthPathways is an online tool which allows clinicians to access current evidence-based clinical pathways. The pathways written by GPs for GPs include point-of-care guidance for the assessment and management of medical conditions, as well as referral information.

The Clinical Excellence Division has partnered with Children’s Health Queensland to ensure the development of consistent clinical content within paediatric pathways.

Queensland regions will add locally relevant referral and service information to the HealthPathways during their own ‘localisation’ process. General Practitioners will access paediatric HealthPathways via their local PHN website.

Benefits of HealthPathways

Access to HealthPathways is expected to reduce unwarranted variation in primary care management of paediatric conditions.

The embedding of CPCs within HealthPathways will also improve the consistency and completeness of referrals across Queensland as well as support standardisation of categorisation of these referrals.

Contact us

Contact the CHQ HealthPathways team for more information or to find out how you can become involved in this project by emailing or phone on 3069 7239.