Children’s Advice and Transport Coordination Hub (CATCH)

CATCH is a 24-hour nurse-led service which focuses on non-critical patients.

CATCH provides:
• access to specialist paediatric advice delivered via phone, teleconferencing or Telehealth
• assistance with the inter-hospital transfer of non-critical patients into and out of Queensland Children’s Hospital.

CATCH aims to provide a single point of contact for both specialist clinical advice and inter-hospital transfer into and out of Queensland Children’s Hospital.

CATCH does not aim to replicate or substitute Retrieval Services Queensland (RSQ), Neonatal Retrieval Services Queensland (NEORSQ) or the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS).

Who do we help?

CATCH is available to any clinician working in metropolitan, regional or rural areas of Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

CATCH also assists General Practitioners with referrals to the Emergency Department at Queensland Children’s Hospital. View QCH referral guidelines.

Unsure if your patient requires a critical inter-hospital transfer?

View the Queensland Paediatric Transport Triage Tools.

Transferring a non-critical patient?

Below are links to resources relevant to the transfer of non-critical patients.

Other resources

Queensland Children’s Hospital non-critical patient transport policy (QH only)
Transfer to your local hospital parent handout
What is CATCH flyer
Not sure who to call for paediatric advice poster

Contact us

CATCH – 24-hour service
t: 07 3068 4510
f: 07 3068 2089
Telehealth dial in address: # 72270