The Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) E-learning portal provides access to all Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) healthcare professionals to AMS related clinical education and training material.

This portal also has links to other external antimicrobial stewardship related education and training materials.

Our aim is to promote best evidence based practice by providing education and support to healthcare professionals in order to:

  • Optimise the treatment of infections and improve patient outcomes
  • Minimise inappropriate antibiotic use and the development of resistance
  • Minimise antibiotic related adverse events
  • Ensure cost effective prescribing

Contributions and completion certificates

Please email your certificates of completion, contributions and feedback to Antibiotics_QCH@health.qld.gov.au

Queensland Health staff can view Grandrounds (with voice over recordings) and PowerPoint presentations at CHQ iLearn by creating an account using their Queensland Health email address.

To create an account:

  • Log on at iLearn@QHealth
  • Username: Novell/computer/email unsername (e.g. bloggsf)
  • Password: if you don’t know your iLearn@QHealth password, click the “Forgot you password” link to have your password automatically reset.

Non Queensland health professionals can register here to access the site.

Presentations include:

  • “Early Intravenous to Oral antibiotic switch – Antibiotic awareness week 2016” presented by: Dr Julia Clark, Dr Caitlin O’Donovan, Nicolette Graham
  • ‘Antimicrobial Stewardship’ presented by Dr David Looke (11 February 2015)
  • ‘Febrile neutropenia’ presented by Dr Julia Clark, Rachel Edwards and Katrina Anderson (29 April 2015)
  • ‘Infection Management and Prevention: Recognising tropical infection’ presented by Dr Clare Nourse (17 June 2015)
  • ‘Superbugs versus Super heroes – How can we help?’ presented by Dr Clare Nourse, Dr Alberto Pinzon and Nicolette Graham (19 November 2015)

Note: Recordings and PowerPoints cannot be downloaded or edited and are best viewed using Mozilla Firefox.

More information

If you need assistance email ilearn.help@health.qld.gov.au  or call +61 7 3328 9681

The cancer institute of New South Wales offers various resources for health professionals, patients and carers through their Cancer Treatments Online portal eviQ.

To access eviQ resources and eLearning materials covering Paediatric Fever and Neutropenia, register for free online.

ChAP adaptation INTRO program

The ChAP adaptation of the INTRO program, aims to deliver an educational package for GP registrars and their supervisors, based on INTRO but adapted to Australian general practice.

We will also evaluate whether the program will result in fewer antibiotic prescriptions for acute bronchitis and other respiratory tract infections (RTIs) by the registrars.

The INTRO program, within a European context, refers to Lower respiratory tract infections ( LRTIs) . In the Australian (and ChAP) primary health care context ‘acute bronchitis’ is the more appropriate nomenclature.

The ChAP adaptation will concentrate on acute bronchitis, but other common RTIs, such as sore throat, acute rhinosinusitis and otitis media, will also be addressed in the registrar workshop linked to the INTRO/ChAP modules.

The ChAP study team has adapted the INTRO training for use in Australia. The ChAP team is led by GPs Mieke van Driel and Parker Magin and is comprised of GP and infectious disease clinicians, educators and academics working in the Australian setting.

INTRO/ChAP online training

You can access the online Internet AntibiOtic INTRO/CHAP training module at the Hunter Postgraduate Medical Institute (HPMI) website.

The online course has 2 core elements:

  1. Introduction (10 minutes)
  2. Communication training (25 minutes).

The introduction has additional optional learning links that expand on the core information covered, undertaking these extra options will take 30 minutes.

Links to journals underpinning our original research on antibiotics and infections are also available.

MedicineWise courses

Online Anitimicrobial prescribing learning modules are available by registering at NPS MedicineWise Learning website and include:

  • Introduction to antimicrobial prescribing
  • Antimicrobials: bacteraemia
  • Antimicrobials: catheter-associated urinary tract infections
  • Antimicrobials: community-acquired pneumonia
  • Antimicrobials: surgical prophylaxis

Browse all MedicineWise courses

ACSQHC Antimicrobial Stewardship video presentations

Think Global, Act Local!

Principles of Antibiotic Pharmacotherapy

Browse ACSQHC Antimicrobial Stewardship video presentations

Vemco Med ED vodcasts

The VemcoMED ED Antifungal stewardship vodcast (audio and accompanying slides) module has 5 episodes and includes a post test evaluation tool.

  • Episode 1: Introduction with Clinical Case
  • Episode 2: Optimized Antifungal Prophylaxis for At-Risk Patients
  • Episode 3: Integrating Diagnostic Techniques to Guide Early Antifungal Selection
  • Episode 4: Incorporating Antifungal Stewardship into Your Institution
  • Episode 5: Interactive Case Discussion – Antifungal Stewardship.

Other VemcoMed ED Antimicrobial stewardship modules include:

AMS Future learn courses

Queensland Statewide Antimicrobial Stewardship Program presents a variety of educational activities for the multidisciplinary team.

Videoconference access is available for all sessions. Email statewide.AMS@health.qld.gov.au for more details.

Recorded video sessions available at: https://qheps.health.qld.gov.au/antimicrobial-stewardship/html/qsams-education (QH staff only)

QSAMSP Education
Queensland Statewide Paediatric ED sepsis pathway – Presenters: Amanda Harley and Nicolette Graham

The required password is:

Antibiotic allergies
Presenter: Dr Jason Trubiano

The required password is:

National AMR Forum 2019 videos

Common Paediatric Infections
Presenter: Dr Angela Berkhout

The required password is:

Therapeutic drug monitoring – One size doesn’t fit all -Optimising antibiotic dosing in both children and adults – first time, every time
Presenters: Minyon Avent and Nicolette Graham

The required password is:

The Queensland Statewide Paediatric Sepsis program presents a variety of educational activities for the multidisciplinary team.

Sepsis education material can be accessed via the Queensland Paediatric Sepsis website.

Additional recorded video sessions are available using the link and password below:

Paediatric Sepsis – Presenters: Amanda Harley, Dr Adam Irwin, Nicolette Graham

The required password is:

QLD Sepsis Collaborative: Tips and tricks for Intra-muscular administration of Antimicrobials in children – Presenter: Nicolette Graham

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CHQ specific education resources:

QLD Statewide AMS program resources:
Enhancing the role of nursing in AMS – QLD Statewide AMS program

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