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Your feedback about your family’s experience will help us expand and improve our services. When you share your stories and perspectives (of care) it provides an opportunity for us to work together. We consider this in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of our services.

If you would like to provide feedback, here is how you can help:

  • General feedback: If there is anything else that you would like to tell us, please complete our general feedback form below or contact our Patient Experience Team on t: 07 3068 1120 or e:

Children’s Health Queensland welcomes all comments, compliments and complaints about the care we provide. Your feedback about your experience is invaluable in helping us improve our services and ensure they are always focused on the needs of our patients and families. We guarantee that all:

  • compliments will be fed back to the relevant areas and shared with staff
  • suggestions will be taken to the appropriate forum for review, discussion and consideration
  • complaints will be investigated and you will be informed of any action taken and/or decisions made.

To leave your feedback, please complete our feedback form. You can expect a response within five (5) working days.

Completing the form later?

If you would like to complete our feedback form at a more convenient time, you can download a copy by clicking the button below. You can submit the form by handing it to a staff member, or by posting or emailing it to us (see details below).

Download the feedback form

Mail: Patient Experience Improvement Officer,
Patient Safety & Quality Service,
Children’s Health Queensland,
PO Box 3474 South Brisbane
QLD 4101


You can speak with our Patient Experience Improvement Officer by calling 07 3068 1120.