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Maeve was admitted to hospital for the first time at 5 months old when a case of bronchiolitis landed her in intensive care for a week.

9 November 2022 |


After undergoing 12 rounds of chemotherapy Myrah won this early battle with cancer, but unfortunately, nearly 4 years later, it would return to another area of her body.

29 September 2022 |


Eleven -year-old Ester has overcome much in her short life. Diagnosed with congenital heart disease while still in her mother’s womb, she needed open-heart heart surgery before her first birthday to repair faulty heart valves. The surgery gave her a second chance at life, but a rare complication left her struggling to find her voice.

1 September 2022 |


Sophie, of Jindalee, was playing with her cousin at home in 2010, when she came out of the playroom holding her leg and then suddenly collapsed. Fortunately, her mum Amanda, whose parents both worked in healthcare, recognised the signs of a stroke and immediately called 000.

9 August 2022 |


Savi‘s first six weeks of life were problem-free, but things changed quickly after her mother noticed a yellow tinge in her daughter’s eyes. Savi had also stopped gaining weight, so her family booked an appointment with a local paediatrician to have her checked.

28 July 2022 |


A routine newborn screening test identified a potential issue with Micah’s hearing when he was just four days old.

8 June 2022 |
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