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Lucy and Thomas

When Lucy started showing symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in May 2021, no-one expected both Lucy and her older brother Thomas to be diagnosed with the condition just three days apart.

15 July 2021 |


Annabelle’s journey began in August 2020 when, at the age of 9, she became seriously unwell with abdominal pain.

30 June 2021 |


Grace was born a non-identical twin at 29 weeks with anotia (absent ear) and aural atresia (absent ear canal), which meant she was missing the entire ear on her right side.

2 June 2021 |


Moree eleven-year-old, Troy Junior, better known as Noynoy, has been undergoing rehabilitation for the past six months after a quad bike accident left him fighting for his life.

2 June 2021 |


Jamarl had poor hearing and would rarely speak when he first attended the Deadly Ears clinic in Cherbourg in February 2018.

27 May 2021 |


Dominique’s heart journey began soon after she was born in 2014 when she came into the world six weeks premature.

20 May 2021 |
Last updated: 27 June 2017
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