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$5 million project to help protect children’s mental wellbeing

Children’s Health Queensland has been named a translational partner in a national $5 million Federal Government-funded project focused on improving access to quality mental health care for young people.

12 June 2019 |

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Riley looks like a typical four-year-old. However, inside his body, it’s a different story. Riley has Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anaemia (CDA), a rare type of anaemia, which affects the production of his bone marrow and means there are not enough blood cells to carry oxygen throughout his body.

14 June 2019 |

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Five things your baby needs for good mental health

Babies are born ready and eager to connect with other people and their surroundings. Their brains are ‘hard-wired’ to quickly learn about family, community and culture, and in the first three years of life, the brain grows to 90 per cent of its adult size. Here are five simple things parents and caregivers can do to foster healthy growth and development in their baby's early formative years.

10 June 2019 |

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