Health Informatics

Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) has taken the next big step towards a fully integrated electronic medical record (ieMR) across its tertiary hospital, community and statewide health service.

A fully digital integrated electronic medical (ieMR) record will allow access to real time patient information that will enable clinicians and service providers to spend less time doing paperwork and more time with patients. It will improve clinical collaboration between colleagues and partners across the state, improve efficiency, and will support best practice clinical care and research.

Parent and carer information

A clinically led approach

The success of this clinical change will be driven by the commitment and teamwork of our clinical staff, supported by a dedicated team of project management and technology experts.

To ensure the ieMR solution is best implemented to suit our needs, a multidisciplinary team of clinical advisors and champions has been engaged to review and/or validate the thinking, design and changes proposed by the team.