Orders entry and results reporting (OERR)

Orders entry and results reporting (OERR) Pathology and medical imaging

OERR was implemented in October 2016 and enables electronic ordering, specimen management and the ability to view documented results within the ieMR for medical imaging and pathology. The move from paper-based reports enables clinicians to order, manage, view and endorse documented results in a single patient ieMR record.

Electronic ordering has delivered significant benefits including:

  • greater accuracy of pathology and medical imaging orders
  • faster turnaround time for collections
  • electronic endorsement/sign-off of results
  • better collaboration with other clinicians
  • improved decision-making
  • reduced risk of error and duplicate collections.
“The ability to share patient information down the corridor and across the state instantly will improve safe care for patients and is crucial for CHQ given our unique statewide role.”
Dr Andrew Hallahan, Executive Director Medical Services | Project Executive – OERR
“Digital healthcare offers an exciting opportunity for us to go to the next level of providing safe and reliable care for children.”
Dr Andrew Blanch, Deputy Director, Emergency Department | Lead Clinical Champion – OERR

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