Enterprise Scheduling Management (ESM)

In October 2017, Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) will introduce electronic scheduling and appointment management for community and specialist outpatient areas using the Enterprise Scheduling Management (ESM) system.

This builds on the pilot of ESM in the Child Development Program in 2016 and continues our journey towards implementing a fully integrated electronic medical record (ieMR) solution.

The move towards one consistent scheduling system (for outpatients and community health) will give healthcare staff a single view of patient appointments, history, clinical information and referrals for each individual. This will deliver significant benefits including:

  • greater accuracy and management of waitlists
  • reduced risk of scheduling conflicts across services
  • better visibility of the patient’s full appointment history
  • greater consumer satisfaction from coordinated booking times across services
  • better access to all patient referrals in a single electronic record.

Through the integrated system, healthcare staff will be able to access other appointments directly from the medical record. Staff will also be able to open referrals and other clinical notes directly from ESM and clinicians will be able to view both their own schedule and the clinic schedule.

The time and effort to generate customer letters will be also be reduced thanks to electronically-generated and populated templates.

“This is going to help us close the information and communication gap caused by disparate IT systems.”
Frank Tracey, Executive Director, Community, Mental Health and Statewide Programs Project Executive – ESM
“ESM will integrate CDP patient referrals with the medical record, assisting in faster turn-around times for referral triage.”
Jennifer Crimmins, Executive Director of Child and Youth Community Health Services Project Executive – ESM

ESM videos

ESM quick reference guides

ESM frequently asked questions

HBCIS template freeze fact sheet

PractiX/CHIMS template freeze fact sheet

Benefits for consumers

For patients and their families, ESM will ensure a more consistent experience and reduce appointment conflicts. Staff will be able to coordinate booking times across services and this will make it easy to group appointments. This also means patients and their families won’t always need to repeat information to multiple clinicians.

The move to online scheduling is also an important step towards patient self-service.